Serve more customers with a wider offer

No, we definitely do not want to tell you to get more advertising spaces. (Or this is not exactly what we want to say.)

If you look around in the world, you can see that the digital space covers up everything. Especially in the advertising industry. We are living the age of measurable online campaigns that can be controlled with a few clicks. Let’s admit that it is hard to accurately measure the performance of a traditional poster. And changing its creative contents in real time is practically impossible.

However, this does not mean the end of outdoor advertising, it only visions transformation.


A few years ago, a serious split was forecast in advertising. The well measurable online clearly started to threaten the offline advertising solutions that are based on less accurate metrics.

At that time, many people also believed that traditional – e.g. Out of Home (OOH) – ads would also decline. Because the creative contents and advertising texts that can be changed in a few minutes as well as the accurately measurable results and the much more eye-catching digital contents took a flying start.

When waiting for the bus, walking down the street, waiting in a room or at the red light, people watch ads on their mobile phone rather than on stationary paper posters.

Many believed that outdoor advertising was over. And then OOH ads regained power. Digital Out of Home (DOOH) ads came to life as they can be just as interactive as online ads, and their other advantage is that they are immune to ad blockers as those do not turn up in the user’s browser.

Therefore, digital advertising posters provide opportunities that the former outdoor posters and billboards were unable to provide, moreover, they are also visible if the target group uses ad blockers.

Digital signage: the poster of the future

If you take a close look, you can easily spot the animated, constantly changing, high-resolution digital advertising spaces on the floors of a shopping centre or behind the counter of a fast food restaurant. These are the digital signage systems.

Advertisers like these solutions because these grab the viewers’ attention right away and it is easier to get an impact with them than with a traditional poster, moreover, you can display several messages at the same time as you can upload contents that can be automatically changed from time to time. They basically combine the advantages and the features of traditional posters, TV commercials and digital ads.

If you extend your offer with digital signage systems, you can gain much more customers from the below fields and much more easily than ever before:

restaurants, sweets shops, fast food places,

department stores and shopping centres,

airports and railway stations,

sports centres,

office buildings,



office buildings.

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