The time of traditional billboards is over. Not because they are in the street but because they are not interactive enough. We receive more stimuli in a day than within one month back in the seventies.

As can be seen, the fight for attention is fiercer than ever before.

For some time you can still play around with placing creative contents and with special poster solutions but – believe us – LED and LCD screens will soon sweep outdated solutions off the table.

It is a fact that moving objects obviously draw our attention more easily and permanently. Therefore, the digital ad screen not only grabs the attention but can also build trust more easily. The reason is that you get more easily attached to things that you focus on permanently.

Change the contents of your outdoor ads with just a few clicks

Changing the creative content of a traditional poster needs a lot of time, in addition to the significant costs and the administration. (To say nothing of the fact that you burn a lot of money unnecessarily for a bad-performing content until the poster is changed).

Therefore, the interactivity of the advertising space is just half the solution. The real result comes if you can quickly change its contents. Unfortunately, this is not true of all LED and LCD screens. But it is true of the DigitalSign platforms.

How is this possible?

We are able to synchronize the digital ad spaces online. So you can even change the contents of a nationwide network of LED and LCD screens by sitting in front of your laptop. And this is just the beginning. Our screens cannot only change the contents in real time but also allow for making reports, which helps to enhance the advertising activities.

Would you like creative contents for outdoor advertising that can be measured and changed in real time? You are just a few clicks away from them.

We solve everything – and even more

You will have noticed that some providers (whether a courier service, a restaurant or a transport company) tend to reject special requests by simply claiming:

“This can’t be done.”

We think that it can be done. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We have received interesting requests over our nearly three decades in business. However, we have never turned them down but have been motivated by the challenges. For example, we have already mounted LED screens on moving cars.

Neither the distance nor the circumstances raise any obstacle to us. Nowhere in the world, let alone within the borders of Hungary. Over the past decades we worked in Nigeria, Dubai (…). The location is different but the quality is the same.

Would you like us to make your most extreme advertising ideas come true?