The advertising market has been almost totally transformed over the past few years. The old solutions are working less (or sometimes they do not work at all). However, the previous practices should be renewed rather than thrown away as they will gain you a competitive edge. This is exactly what you do when you place your ads onto interactive LED screens instead of traditional posters. To put it another way: you bring your ads to life.

Innovation is the key for the entrepreneur to survive.

If you share this opinion, let’s talk about your ideas and we’ll make them come true.

How we can help you

We focus your customers’ attention to your outdoor ads. Our digital advertising screens help you to change and measure your creative contents in real time. In addition, we also comply with special requests – we also display your digital ads on moving vehicles.

Coordinated digital communication

The flexibility of startups

Precise engineering work

Worldwide production background

You are working on the provider side and perhaps selling outdoor advertising spaces. Let’s work together!

We do not only open towards advertising firms but also to outdoor ad sellers who provide spaces for them. It is your elementary interest as an advertising space provider to fulfill the needs of your customers and renters through up-to-date solutions.

Our digital ad screens can also address an audience that has ignored the forms of outdoor advertising so far. (Needless to say, ignoring this target group is like money left on the table.)

In everyday life you also pick the most advanced and most effective solutions. You strive for success, good return, simple processes and measurable performance day by day. And believe us: the same goes also for your customers.

Would you like us to help you serve the needs of a wider clientele?

Their ads are already selling on DigitalSign screens

Shall we also bring your ads to life?

As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. However, an animated picture is worth even more than a thousand pictures.

Just imagine that your customer looks at the LED screen and can see your product not only on a flat surface but also in space. You can tell through animated, dynamic images why your service is the best choice.

We practically bring online ads to the street – with the opportunity to change and measure your displayed ads in real time.

Would you like us to bring also your ads to life?